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Imagine Your Future Mosaic at Del Lago Academy, Escondido CA.

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Mosaic Murals

Teaching Climate Change, Ocean Ecology and Appreciation for nature through experiential mosaic projects with connected communities at UCSD, San Diego, and beyond.

School Projects

Over ten years working with 7-12 graders, faculty and parents on murals at San Diego County Schools

Fine Art Mosaics

See portfolios of various commercial and personal projects created throughout my career.

About Mosaic Murals for (Climate) Change

My business partner (and daughter) Evelyn Lueker and I are working to involve communities at UCSD and across San Diego to build murals depicting over 60 years of changes in the ocean and our environment resulting from human development, progress and change. The goal us to inform and inspire members of our communities to understand and take action to reduce the climate change impacts that result from burning fossil fuels. The title of our project is “Mosaic Murals for (Climate) Change”. To learn more and get involved, send us an email (info below).

About Dr. Tim Lueker

I am a climate change researcher in the CO2 research group at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a mosaic artist and teacher. I use mosaic art classes and workshops to inform inspire and motivate participants toward solutions for avoiding environmental damage, climate disruptions threats posed by climate change.

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